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What We Are and What We Do

Class Focus

 Hatha Yoga classes are sequenced for the level and ability of each individual and group of students. Variations and props are utilized to assist students in proper alignment, and to achieve the most benefit in poses. Classes focus on alignment to ensure safety and strength for every student.  Various meditation and Yoga nidra styles are explored in classes.


 From the time anyone enters a Tall Pine Yoga  class, steps onto their mat, till the time they roll it up, we want them to feel how much they are appreciated for being there. We want them to be happy they decided to join us, and how their presence has uplifted the class. Through the feeling of appreciation we come into a state of Well Being that transitions to our body, the way we view ourselves and the world around us. 

How can Mindful Resilience help to cope with PTSD?

At Tall Pine Yoga, we are trained in Yoga Therapy for Trauma Recovery /Mindful Resilience,  and our affiliation with the Veterans Yoga Project has enabled us  to provide the skills to safely and effectively use Yoga to support resilience and recovery to those effected by PTSD.  

Why is Yoga so beneficial for Weight Training?

Train - Yoga - Gain

  A lot of avid gym rats don’t believe that yoga is a good workout – but they are oh so wrong!   The reasons Yoga  pairs so well with weight training and improves performance is it increases flexibility, builds strength, promotes body awareness, recovery and relaxation.  Still not convinced.  Check out the link. 

Do runners really need Yoga?

Are you in love with running?  Then you should be in love with Yoga.  Through Yoga, runners will reap the benefits of improvement in breathing, strength, endurance, flexibility and recovery. But one of the best benefits, It will show you where you are at, and where you need to improve.   Here is a link to further show the running/Yoga connection. 

Instructor and Owner

Frank Riccio

Frank Riccio

Frank Riccio


Frank Riccio is a E-RYT 200 with 25 years of practice, training and teaching experience. 

He is trained in Integral, Iyengar, Yin, and Restorative Yoga.  He has trained with the Veterans Yoga Project in the advanced level of Yoga Therapy for Trauma Recovery.  In addition, Frank has taught at the East Orange V.A. and Fort McGuire Dix Military Base.


Frank Riccio

Frank Riccio